Newsletter | Q1 2019

From the CEO’s Desk

Never Better

We’re closing in on the first quarter of 2019, and the energy around PlanetOne has never been better. We kicked off the year with new relationships, a new series of incentive rewards and an incredible recognition in the online hit Amazon Prime’s “Self Made!” In case you missed it, check it out: The team at Self Made did an amazing job capturing how we got started and why we’re the ones you trust to get it done.

IN8 Solutions

            Company Name: IN8 Solutions Headquarters: Tempe, Ariz. Website: Year Founded: 2002 Key Markets/Verticals Served: Retail, Wholesale, Call Centers, Financial Institutions, ISP’s, Health Care, Hospitality, Restaurants, and System Integrators. Specializations: IN8 Solutions is a full-service communications agency offering communications products and services from numerous Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) and Carriers.    …

Newsletter | Q4 2018

It’s a simple and true statement: Strategy without execution is useless. And execution without strategy is risky business for everyone involved.

In today’s business environment, we must look beyond the obvious to ensure we’re planning ahead and doing business with the right partners and for the right reasons. The little things matter and big misses and botched game…