New Research Reveals Business Benefits of Connecting Employee and Customer Engagement

Here’s a situation most people can relate to: You buy a product, and when it arrives, there’s something wrong with it—for instance, it was damaged in shipment or doesn’t operate as advertised. Mildly frustrated, you open the company’s mobile app to send a message but discover no such messaging capabilities exist. Next, you reach out through Facebook, but nobody answers. Finally, you bite the bullet and try to find the company’s service phone number on their website. Ten minutes after searching, you find it and call in.

There’s No Partnership without Loyalty and Trust

Trust and loyalty are two currencies the channel relies on for growth, and yet sadly are frequently disregarded for more margin.
At PlanetOne, loyalty and trust are earned, expected and highly rewarded. We don’t have the time or desire to do business with people or organizations we can’t rely on to do right by every stakeholder in any deal…