Internap’s end-to-end network solutions make high-traffic, digitally-rich Internet business possible. Each of our technology services -Internet Connectivity, Colocation, Managed Hosting and our Content Delivery Network – work independently and in an integrated manner to address technical limitations of the Internet to help sustain and enhance the “real-time” delivery of services.

Internap’s patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) software analyzes complex network performance data and proactively navigates data communications around the roadblocks that impede so many web-dependent businesses. This unique approach to route optimization and business acceleration is integrated into our four key services:

  • Internet Connectivity – Highly reliable, available and predictable delivery of data and content, accelerated to deliver the optimal performance
  • Colocation – Scalable and rapidly deployed IT infrastructure managed in secure N+1 redundant environments
  • Managed Hosting – Scalable and managed infrastructure delivered with 24/7 live support
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Cost-effective delivery of high-quality video, content and applications in a simple self-service model

With Internap, you can pull together the right set of these components to address your Internet services challenges, allowing you to focus on your business, while our solution delivers the required customer experience.

A Foundation of Best-in-Class Service
Our customers rank our support a 4.9 (out of a maximum of 5.0)*. We focus on groundbreaking technology and premium service, which frees up our customers to focus on what they need to – their business. That’s why we can offer an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) that goes beyond a single network. Thanks to MIRO, Internap ensures predictable performance, availability and delivery over the entire Internet – not just part of it.

Only Internap provides 100% uptime SLA with proactive notifications and crediting. We staff our world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) with certified engineers, so if you need help, we have experts, instead of call center employees, on the phone immediately.