Award-Winning Hosted Contact Center Software Platform Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences while Decreasing Costs and Increasing Revenues

Is outdated contact center technology preventing you from engaging and supporting your customers? Don’t wait until a customer tweets about poor service or your team misses its SLA goals. Our cloud solutions help you keep pace with your customers while building memorable and lasting relationships with them.

inContact is the world’s number one provider of cloud-based contact center solutions. inContact offers robust call routing software and a full line of workforce optimization tools to increase the efficiency of contact center agents—all in the cloud. Plus, inContact is the only company that has paired a software offering with telecommunications network connectivity.

Hosted Model
Because inContact’s solutions are delivered in the cloud they offer benefits that traditional on-premise contact center solutions cannot:

  • Quick roll-out and implementation
  • No upfront hardware expenses required
  • No revolving upgrades or upgrade fees
  • Scalability, both upward or downward, to meet actual demand
  • Pay-as-you-go billing model translates into paying only for services actually used
  • 99.99% uptime availability
  • Seamless call routing between multiple contact centers and even at-home agents

Product Portfolio
The inContact platform is built around getting the call to the right agent at the right time. And because labor makes up a significant majority of the total operational costs of a contact center, inContact has not only contact routing solutions but also workforce optimization to facilitate agent hiring, scheduling, coaching and more. The solutions in the inContact portfolio include:

  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD) – The backbone of the inContact portfolio is an ACD that can direct the caller to the proper agent through a mix of criteria such as skills-based routing and an inbound/outbound call blending feature.
  • Interactive Voice response (IVR) – The inContact IVR allows customers to self-solve on basic functions like bill pay, account inquiries and more. When a call center is closed, the IVR adds an extra level of convenience by enabling customers to take care of business after-hours.
  • Personal ConnectionTM Dialer – With Personal ConnectionTM, your customers will never hear a delay again. This outbound solution eliminates awkward delays when greeting a caller while increasing productivity as agents make multiple predictive calls. Agents are connected at the first hello, which paves the way to better outcomes, higher conversion rates, and increased revenues.
  • Workforce Management (WFM) – inContact WFM enables contact centers to forecast call volumes base on historical call data and other criteria then to generate an agent schedule required to meet the expected call demands at SLA. Furthermore, it provides complete deviation alerts, adherence reporting and self service options.
  • Reporting & Analytics (CTI) – CTI enables the verification of customers by unique identifiers, such as their phone number or account number, and once identified, backend CTI can provide them with information that is helpful and relevant to them.
  • Echo – ECHO Customer Survey gives contact centers the ability to measure customer satisfaction through automated, phone delivered customer surveys.

Because inContact solutions are delivered in the cloud they offer benefits that traditional, on-premise contact center solutions cannot, including quick roll-out and implementation, no upfront hardware expenses or revolving upgrade fees, both upward or downward scalability to meet actual demand, pay-as-you-go billing model, 99.99% uptime, and seamless call routing between multiple contact centers and even at-home agents. For more information, visit