About Lightower
Lightower is the premier, all-fiber provider of custom, high-capacity network services that ensure optimal application and business performance. Our comprehensive suite of fiber-based solutions serve the needs of enterprise, government, carrier, and data center customers. Lightower’s unique and diverse all-fiber network is connected to financial exchanges, data centers, stadiums, media and content hubs, carrier exchange points, wireless towers, enterprise locations and more. Today, the company delivers network services to over 7,500 service locations with more than 20,000 route miles of network, including fiber assets in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Chicago metro area as well as critical landing stations and exchanges internationally.

Network Coverage
Lightower offers customers one of the most robust and dense all-fiber networks in the industry. We offer over 20,000 route miles of network serving over 7,500 locations throughout the major markets of Boston, New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, the Hudson Valley, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, internationally to Toronto and London. Lightower also serves smaller markets including Portland, Burlington, Providence, Manchester, Albany, Ashburn, Aurora, and more. Use our Network Map to view Lightower’s fiber footprint and the metros we serve.

Network Services
Lightower delivers high-performance, all-fiber networking solutions, including Ethernet, Wavelengths, Dark Fiber, Internet Access, Video Transport, Private Networks, and SONET. Over 2,000 enterprises, government agencies, carriers, and other businesses trust Lightower with their mission-critical networking needs. We pride ourselves on our customer-first culture including custom designed solutions, world-class support, and industry-leading emergency response.