Global Messaging
As one of the world’s leading providers of professional messaging solutions, Retarus has been developing, automating and optimizing business processes for electronic corporate communication since 1992. Our services provide seamless integration between customers, partners and employees for thousands of companies, in all sectors and industries.

IT Expertise – Innovative Solutions
From consulting to operations to service and support, Retarus combines comprehensive IT expertise with an innovative solutions portfolio focused on managed services for email, fax, SMS and EDI. Our services reliably optimize business processes and ensure highly efficient business communications. We focus on providing the highest level of security, flexibility and availability, as well as unlimited scalability, constant development and cost efficiency.

Worldwide Success
Retarus’ global success is due to the high quality of our services, our many years of experience and the knowledge of our employees. In addition to our headquarters in Germany and the US, Retarus maintains subsidiaries in Singapore, Australia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and several European countries.

Every Customer is a Recommendation
Retarus services are utilized by more than 4,700 customers around the world including Adidas, Allianz, Banco Santander, Bayer, B/S/H Bosch and Siemens Domestic Appliances, Continental, Dätwyler, DHL, Honda, Lufthansa, O2, Puma, Linde, Sony, Thomas Cook and Wrigley, just to name a few.