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Verizon provides communications, information and entertainment products and services to consumers, businesses and governmental agencies. The Company offers a broad ecosystem of services ranging from local voice and long distance to professional and security services. Verizon Business Markets, a new Verizon business unit launched in 2017, serves US-based businesses, state and local governments, and education institutions. The mission of this new business unit is to be the connection in our communities that helps every local business, school and government thrive.

Verizon Business Markets leverages Verizon’s extensive portfolio of products and services to enable these businesses and organizations to better serve their own customers, constituents and local communities. Verizon Business Market services include FiOS (voice, broadband and TV service), IP networking, advanced voice solutions, security, and managed IT services. This broad portfolio of products addresses the comprehensive needs of small to medium size businesses, as well as larger state and local government agencies and educational institutions.

Verizon’s high-performance network and service platforms help customers collaborate with ease, manage costs, and simplify operations. In addition, Verizon is a leader in security solutions that help customers prepare and quickly respond to cyber-attacks. The company serves customers directly and through a nationwide network of solutions providers within the Verizon Partner Program.


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The Internet has transformed the way businesses access data, share information, and get work done – and it continues to do so at a breakneck pace.  Multiple employees, emails with increasingly larger attachments, large file transfers, employees communicating with social media, and employees accessing supplier sites with eCommerce all drive the need for faster, reliable Internet. Customers visiting your stores expect high speed WiFi. Internet connectivity is now a fundamental link to the community and the world for many small businesses.

Verizon offers a full suite of services spanning broadband, dedicated, fiber-to-the-premises, and VPN options, designed to provide wide geographic availability, secure accessibility, reliable performance, and swift navigation. Verizon offers Internet connectivity at the speeds that you need for your business, including Fios Internet with speed tiers up to 500 Mbps (750 Mbps in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Richmond), and Dedicated Ethernet access services with bandwidth options up to 10 GigE.

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Network Solutions

In the digital world, the network drives business performance, and nobody does the network better than Verizon. Spanning 2700+ cities in over 150 countries across six continents, Verizon owns one of the largest and most secure global IP networks in the world, delivering voice and data at the fastest speeds available over IP today. Our network provides the essential platform our customers need to build and grow their business—simply, securely, and reliably. And Verizon has expanded capabilities in the US with the acquisition of XO Communications with over 19,000 route miles inter-city in over 85 major cities and a core backbone in 40 major U.S. cities.

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Business Communications

Verizon offers a broad range of Voice over IP services that help control costs, increase productivity and improve the customer experience whether they’ve already made the move to VoIP and deployed an IP-enabled PBX or even if they still use a Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) PBX or Key System. Verizon’s Business Connection product is a simple voice and data solution that offers flexible bandwidth options up to 100 Mbps, an Adtran router, on-site installation and maintenance.

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As one of the world’s leaders in security, Verizon solutions are designed to defend the perimeter, monitor and analyze the threat landscape, manage customer infrastructure, and offer security consulting and emergency breach response. From Internet security packages for FiOS to network-based security monitoring, Verizon helps customers protect sensitive data. Verizon’s Rapid Response Retainer program facilitates fast action to identify and contain incidences. And since 2008, our Data Breach Investigations Report has been helping organizations understand how the threat landscape has changed to help them understand, prioritize, and contain attacks.

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