There is no shortage of state of the art colocation facilities to house computer hardware, whether businesses want to be located at their carriers colo facility or at a carrier-neutral facility for access to multiple providers.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a data center:

  • Leasing vs. licensing space – leasing offers greater assurance that the space will not be unexpectedly taken back
  • Tier of service needed from Tier 1 (fewer services offered for lower budget/needs) to Tier 4 (high availability of power, cooling, server access and greater security)
  • Location is key as many businesses need easy access from airports while in a climate/disaster neutral area.
  • Staffing for remote hands or other tasks that may be needed including tours, meeting facilities, etc.
  • Security safeguards and backup systems are critical for many businesses who rely on an third party to protect their servers
  • Power limitations and how efficiently power is utilized
  • Accessibility to major network providers and connectivity
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