The Need For Identity Management

As I travel around the country I’m frequently asked to speak on panels or at roundtable events on the topic of Desktop as a Service (DaaS). The audience is inevitably a mix of novice partners and a few folks who consider themselves fairly proficient with this technology. The questions that arise during these sessions range from “How is that different than Office 365?” to, quite literally, “What is DaaS?” Occasionally a more tech-savvy person will ask what the difference is between Citrix and VMware Horizon, attempting to take the conversation into speeds and feeds…

Are We Witnessing the Death of MPLS?

In 2013, Gartner analysts validated the shift from corporate data centers hosting mission-critical applications to companies moving them to the cloud. Their report titled, “Is MPLS Dead?” illustrates that the range for MPLS adoption has varied from 20% – 80% worldwide and that SaaS and cloud computing are dominating the market…

Managed Cloud: 20 Years in the Making

By Dylan Bouterse, Senior Solutions Engineer

Legacy IT

Traditional IT as we knew it in the late 90s and even early 2000s relied on dedicated, full-time employees (FTEs) that were few and far between. They were positioned as jacks of all trades and the lucky organizations that could afford many FTEs with multiple skill sets didn’t sweat the questions “What if Bob wants to go on vacation?” and “What will we do if the servers go down?” Taking care of the day-today IT was their single top priority.